Links to Our Favorite Websites
These links are to businesses, products and services that we recommend because they have been of outstanding value to our clients and they have demonstrated a level of professionalism, quality and integrity similar to what we offer in our own business. We encourage you to develop a relationship with these companies.

2nd Cousins is a media company specializing in helping the doctor of chiropractic become the “source for everything health” in their communities. The company directors, Drs. Steve Hoffman and Alan Weinstein, have combined over 50 years of successful chiropractic marketing experience. They are the creators of "The 12 Ways to Recession-Proof your Practice" program. See what they can do for you!
2 Imagine a Visionary Production Company and Publishing House based in Scottsdale Arizona is a leader in high quality Audio CD's and Books that help build Confidence and Self-esteem. Our extraordinary products offer Adults and Children EMPOWERMENT TOOLS to achieve success in all areas of their lives.
The A.C.E. Program (Assistants for Chiropractic Excellence) is a teleseminar-based CA Coaching Program that focuses on 1 of 14 core topics each month. Most doctors dread training their chiropractic assistants. Whether you don’t have the time, the tools, the patience, the skills or the information…the A.C.E. Program is for you. When you register and check out in the shopping cart, be sure and enter "HOFFMAN" in the coupon code box to get your special discount.
Powered by proprietary Body Ryzm Technology™, Back Vitalizer™, Neck Vitalizer™, Dr. Hamilton Hall Belt™, DeepHeal™ help doctors and health professionals improve their patient care, and help their patients and general public to improve their wellness.
Dr. Steve recommends the Chiropractic Assistant Certification Program provided by chiroAcademy. A well-trained staff will propel your practice to the next level. There are also special bonuses for those doctors who are referred through this website. To see information about the program and ask questions or register, click here.
The original subluxation based Chiropractic Malpractice Insurance Program. Professional liability
program customized to suit your needs from ChiroSecure

ChiroTouch chiropractic software system is state-of-the-art practice management software designed specifically for the chiropractic practice. ChiroTouch is your best source for combined Electronic Medical Records (EMR), billing, and practice management software.

Home of the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance which brings to the chiropractic profession state of the art technology called the Insight Subluxation Station. Also the home of Total Solution Seminars, the profession's leading transformational experience.
Home of the Creating Wellness Alliance. Make a change in your practice by becoming a Creating Wellness Center and change the lives of thousands in your community.
Dave Mager, in the educational arena of Health and Wellness, has been teaching chiropractors, staff, corporations and communities to communicate the Wellness paradigm. You know him from his years of commitment to the Total Solution program. See his great products or hire him to do screenings, staff training or practice evaluation. Put your GAME FACE on!
It's been said that "All readers are not leaders, but all leaders are readers." See what Dr. Steve has read that has made an impact on his life and can enrich your life too. Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.
The Weight Balancing system, not only endorsed but used by Dr. Hoffman, allows you to release 10-25 per month in an easy, safe and natural way.   distributor ID is 100373
You saw the live demonstrations of the AMWand at the 2010 AMP Seminar in San Diego. Now you too can utilize this healing technology introduced to the profession by Brian Tracy and Dr. George Gonzalez.
iContact was created to make email marketing easy. You now have the power to create permission-based email newsletters, surveys, and autoresponders with 98-99% deliverability. I highly recommend this service.
Kolbe Corp provides materials, insights, and experts to help people of all ages identify their instinctive talents, develop their confidence, and use their innate abilities to succeed in a plethora of situations, from getting through school to running a business.    Take a Kolbe Index
You can earn valuable credit by referring your friend or colleague to Mastery Coaching with Dr. Steve Hoffman. Find out how. Take me to the Coaching Referral Page
Throw away your canned air containing fluorocarbons for cleaning off your computer and electronic equipment and GO GREEN with the Metro Vacuum. A nice little tool to keep your most important equipment clean and dust-free. To find out more click here
MRT Testing
"If I were in active practice today every new patient would this this test." Dr. Steve Hoffman
The Mediator Release Test is a blood test that will tell the patient all the foods and substances that produce an inflammatory response in the blood. Call this number and tell them I sent you... (888) 669-5327

Do you have poor posture? Have you ever suffered from severe shoulder pain, shooting neck pain, constant back pain, limited range of motion, popping shoulders, clicking shoulders or decreased strength? If you answered yes to any of these questions then the Alignmed® Posture Shirt is a must have. Dr. Steve not only endorses this product, he wears it, too!
Now You Know is the leader in chiropractic internet educational services. You can have your own website created in a matter a few days.
Let us help you simplify your life, improve your collections and educate your patients with America’s Premiere Cash Fee System, Preferred Chiropractic Doctor (PCD). The Preferred Chiropractic Doctor program gives you the ability to legally offer affordable cash fees to patients who may not be insured and we back up our commitment with a system that can be customized to fit virtually any practice style. Ask Dr. Hoffman for a free audio interview with PCD founder Dr. Steve Below.
US Wellness Meats offers grassfed beef, pork, lamb, bison, wild caught seafood, free range poultry and much more. Log on and find out about the nutritional benefits of grassland beef and other meats. You even get free shipping to your door.
The Wholefood Farmacy makes eating healthy easy, convenient and affordable.  They offer pure, nutrient-dense, ready-to-eat, whole food meals, snacks, soups, smoothie mixes and treats for the children.  All of their foods are vegetarian, most are raw and vegan as well.  They also offer many gluten-free and nut-free whole food choices for those with food sensitivities.
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