What is MC2 Technic?

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MC2 Technic was developed by Dr. Steve Hoffman in the 1990's. His major influences in developing this technic were of course B.J. Palmer and the Palmer Upper Cervical Specific Technic as well as Dr. Hubert Hitchcock, Life Upper Cervical, Dr. Michael Kale and Dr. Joe Lipari, Dr. Tim Tarry, Dr. Bob Kribs, Dr. Joe Stuckey, Dr. Joe Flesia, Dr. Pat Gentempo, and Dr. Jay Holder.

All Chiropractic techniques involve the skeletal, nervous and muscle systems. They can be differentiated from one another based on the system that is the primary focus and, hence, the method of analysis.

Segmental approaches focus first on structure and adjust vertebrae that are not in their optimum position back to a more normal position and, in so doing, affect the nervous system first and then the muscle system next.
Postural techniques seek to affect the muscle system first, which then affects the skeletal system and then, finally, the nervous system.
Tonal chiropractic puts its focus on the nervous system and is physiology based. Here, the nervous system is addressed first which then affects the muscle system which, in turn, affects the skeletal system.

Why tonal? The answer is to understand how interference to one’s nervous system takes place to begin with. Bones cannot move into abnormal positions by themselves so a muscle imbalance must occur first. Muscles do not act on their own so a muscle imbalance must result from an unbalanced nerve supply to the muscles. The bone can only move if a muscle moves it and a muscle will only move when the nervous system tells it to. It just makes more sense to us to address the nervous system first so all else can follow.

"It's a contradiction to tell patients that the body is a dynamic, self healing organism and then adjust the same subluxation pattern visit after visit after visit!"

With MC2 Technic you can experience a practice without this contradiction and gain clinical certainty visible in your office the next day by knowing...

  • Where and when to adjust… and when not to adjust
  • How to determine a precise line of correction every visit
  • Why a tonal model is vital for upper cervical specific
  • How to adjust by hand or instrument
  • The limitations of x-ray and 21st Century Instrumentation

Thank you for your interest in MC2!  It is truly my pleasure to be of service to you and to contribute to your experience.  My fondest wish for you is for you to be, do and have exactly what you want and to know exactly why you want it.  I hope you embrace the mission of global dominance of health care in a chiropractic model.  First, we must have an effective delivery vehicle for our service and, therefore, I hope you will see Mastering Chiropractic With Certainty as a means of accomplishing that.  Next, we must have an effective delivery vehicle for our message and, again, It is my hope that you will see and use our Media Company as the most effective delivery vehicle to bring our message to the masses.  My personal mission statement embodies solutions to the 4 obstacles I see preventing chiropractic from global dominance:

1) The public must first understand that both sickness and health are developmental processes and not simple events before they can embrace the chiropractic paradigm.

2) The chiropractor must become more congruent between what is said and what is done within the practice; all too often we preach vitalism but practice mechanistically.

3) Accomplishing items 1 and 2 will cause a flood of people into chiropractic offices ONLY IF the chiropractor has efficient, effective and elegant systems in place.

4) Chiropractic is a spiritually based profession with deep spiritual roots.  We must embrace our spiritual and philosophical tenets to accomplish what can be accomplished.

Towards these ends, I have aligned myself with individuals and groups that are, themselves, positioned to address one or more of these issues. Companies like CLA, CWA, TICnology, Chiro-Touch, Morter Health Systems and HealthNewsPodcasting to name a few.  I would urge you to do the same.  You can also be confident that when I do recommend another company, service or product in chiropractic that they, too, are aligned with this purpose.

My company is designed, through its own products and services, to squarely face these issues and offer simple solutions that fit into any chiropractic practice easily.  We offer solutions that are in alignment with and function synergistically with each other and with the groups just mentioned.  If we could magically adjust the world tomorrow but no one understood why; the world would not change.  But, if we could have the world understand why, through the development of an Innate understanding tomorrow, even if no one got adjusted; the world would most definitely change.

So, we view patient and community education as primary in chiropractic practice as well as lifelong processes.  Thank you for investing in yourself and in chiropractic and thank you for helping in this noble and worthy mission.

Thank you for loving what I love.

With love for you and all you do,

Dr. Steve Hoffman

© 2012 Dr. Steve Hoffman